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Infidelity is a globally recognized concept. It appears at consistent rates across a surprising diversity of cultures. In the US, it is estimated that circa 25% of all married individuals will commit infidelity during the lifetime of their marriage. Counterintuitively, the condemnation of infidelity is just as universal as the act itself. It appears to be very rare that a culture or a society will accept infidelity as a normal behavior.

Many people fail to understand why infidelity is so prevalent bearing in mind the severity of its consequences for a relationship. Some of the more common reasons behind infidelity include:

  • Emotional frustration in a relationship.
  • Feeling of weakness and subjection to the wishes of the other partner.
  • A hope to escape from the relationship.
  • Low self-worth, addiction to sex or romance, a need to boost one’s ego and social position, a desire to experience an adventure.

Infidelity And The Impact On A Relationship

Infidelity has a huge impact on any relationship and the fallout that occurs once betrayal is discovered is hard to understate. One of the primary feelings triggered by the disclosure of adultery is grief that may be overwhelming for the victimized partner. Eventually the grief dissipates and makes space for other strong emotions, feelings such as anger, intense distrust, disgust and even hatred towards the partner an individual has once loved. It is a mistake to believe that the act of infidelity is limited to one victim, the betrayed spouse; the development often has an effect on the entire family structure. It can, moreover, lead to divorce which understandably has an effect on the children within a relationship.

How Can Counseling Help?

Unfortunately, there is no quick and simple method to miraculously resolve a crisis triggered by unfaithfulness within a relationship. Counseling for infidelity is similarly not an easy fix. An expert counselor, like those at Thriveworks Grand Rapids, will work with both spouses helping them to come to an arrangement autonomously. The counselor will work directly with the clients, helping to equip them with the necessary skills and tools that will facilitate the communication required for the resolution to be accomplished. The end result of therapy may be reconciliation, although in many cases an amicable separation will be the most suitable arrangement for the couple.

Thriveworks Grand Rapids, Forest Hills

The experienced counselors at Thriveworks Grand Rapids, Forest Hills offer support to individuals who have suffered as a result of infidelity. Our deep understanding of the area and our breadth of experience allow us to tailor our sessions to ensure that you and your partner’s needs and expectations are met in the best way possible.

Finding an answer to the problems that infidelity brings is possible – Thriveworks Grand Rapids is there to help. So why not call us today to arrange your first infidelity counseling session.

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