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Does your daughter struggle with self-esteem or self-worth? Has your daughter lost interest in activities she used to love? Is she wanting to sit in her room for hours at a time? Does she refuse to talk with you about what’s happening in her life? Or complain about not having friends or peers she can relate to? If these are all true, you may want to consider placing your daughter in a small group at Thriveworks. Much comfort is felt knowing your child is connecting and talking with others – knowing they have the support they need to grow their self-confidence. This group is specifically designed for adolescents with low confidence and self-esteem, depression and anxiety; it’s a great complement to individual therapy.

Group for Connection

We believe small counseling groups provide an inclusive and safe environment to allow children and adolescents to learn, to grow, and to develop resiliency. Resiliency is key, as it will increase your child’s tolerance with mistakes, failures and setbacks – allowing them to grow stronger through their struggles.

Benefits of a counseling group:

  • Strong sense of belonging
  • Connection with same aged peers
  • Sharing of positive ideas
  • Growth in self-worth and self confidence
  • Strengthen relationship skills
  • Sharpen communication skills
  • Find passions and interests
  • Teens enjoy this group!

We will meet at our convenient location, 701 Kenmore Ave, Suite 105 in downtown Fredericksburg.

Give us a call today at 540-322-5424.

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