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Deciding on a career or a change of profession later on in life can be daunting experiences for anyone at any age. Another problem many face is uncertainty. For example, they won’t know for sure whether they’ve made the right choice or not until after they have tried it. Just because we think a certain career is a good fit, that doesn’t mean it is; it just means we think it is, at the time. It may well be a perfect fit too but it might not also, and that’s the point.

Remove Frustration

Anyone who carries too much uncertainty around in their head is in for a painful and frustrating experience. With big decisions to make in life, like careers, sometimes it’s better to let others step in and help. Career counseling is a service that can see in people what they are unable to see in themselves. They won’t do the work for you, but they do offer the tools necessary so that you can make better decisions and start off on the right path.

Resolve Conflicts

One of the main problems people run into when trying to decide on a career are the internal conflicts. These are the conversations that go on inside the head; conflicts that don’t usually come to any decisive conclusions. Some of these internal conflicts will include:

  • Constant mind changing
  • No point in applying for this or that because I’m not good or qualified enough
  • Not wanting to enter a career that is different from my major
  • Family or partner wants me do this ‘A’ but I want to follow the path of ‘B’
  • The most enjoyable jobs are the lowest paid occupations
  • The best jobs are in places I don’t want to live

As you can see, there can be more questions than answers when it comes to finding the perfect career fit. Again, this is where vocational counseling and guidance can step in and help.

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