Thriveworks Franklin Counseling is seeking a Supervising Psychiatrist to join our team.

Thriveworks strives to hire talented clinicians and help them to achieve their own professional goals. This is done while working within a culture that promotes teamwork and mutual support. Regular and clear communication helps our staff maintain a sense of fulfillment throughout their tenure here. At Thriveworks, we work diligently and purposefully to develop a genuine sense of community, camaraderie, ingenuity, and fun in the workplace. This is part of creating an environment where people want to come to work each day.

Thriveworks was founded to create a model of behavioral health care that would minimize waiting to access skilled clinical supports provided by truly exceptional providers. Our counselors, social workers, and psychologists have a passion for helping clients make meaningful and extraordinary advances in their life, career, relationships, and happiness. Thriveworks provides all scheduling, billing, credentialing and marketing support for our counselors, social workers, and psychologists so they can focus on the clients and not administrative duties.

This opportunity is open for those seeking 1099 employment, part-time, or full-time.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assumes responsibility for those acts of diagnosis, treatment, prescribing of medication which are directly performed as licensed physician
  • Provide clinical and case related consultation to clinicians, teams, management, etc.
  • Ensure appropriate communication with treatment team and follow up for medication prescribed
  • Psychiatric record keeping in Electronic Health Record system in a timely and comprehensive manner
  • Psychiatric evaluation and assessment services
  • Maintain compliance in all areas of practice
  • Provide supervision for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Required Qualifications:

  • Active Unrestricted license to practice independently.
  • Willingness to utilize technology-driven support resources (required hard/software provided).
  • Positive approach to client care.
  • Must be willing to offer a minimum of 2 hours of supervision to our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


  • We offer very competitive compensation for well qualified applicants.
  • Constantly improving quality benefits to our clinicians.
  • Excellent opportunities for advancement.
To Apply: Please send your cover letter and resume to

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Thriveworks is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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