Thriveworks Story

Is Anybody Home?

When Thriveworks Founder, Dr. Anthony Centore, moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007, he was shocked to learn that even in the backyard of prestigious universities like Harvard, MIT, and Tufts-and even in one of the most saturated areas of licensed therapists in the country-finding a counselor or psychologist was still extremely difficult. One day, determined to find out how difficult it would be to reach a counselor, he called 40 clinicians (who were paying for advertising to recruit new clients) and he reached exactly 40 voicemail greetings.

It didn’t take long for Dr. Centore to learn that this problem wasn’t just in his backyard. Problems were similar across the country; counseling practices were often poorly operated and this negatively effected client care and customer service.

Est. 2008

In 2008, Thriveworks was launched to create a completely new philosophy of care in the counseling and mental health field, with the goal to deliver excellent clinical care and premium customer service to individuals, couples and families. Today, Thriveworks is expanding from its first location in Cambridge, MA to many locations across the United States. As a franchisee, you become apart of a movement to create accessible, client-focused care all over the country.

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