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What is a SAP? – Therapists, Counselors and Coaches in Chesterfield

A SAP is a Substance Abuse Professional that, per Department of Transportation (DOT) prerequisites, has specific credentials, meets qualification-training requirements including continuing education activities and demonstrates a basic knowledge and understanding of the DOT regulations that must be followed before an employee with a DOT violation can be considered for return to safety-sensitive functions in the transportation industry.

It is important to note that the SAP is not an advocate for the employer or the employee. A SAP’s primary concern is to ensure public safety in the event the employee returns to his/her safety-sensitive position.”

What Must I do to Return-to-Duty?

Before you can be considered for a return to safety-sensitive duties you must successfully complete the Department of Transportation (DOT) return-to-duty process, which requires involvement of a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). You will then be required to provide a negative result on a return-to-duty drug and/or alcohol test.

What does a SAP do?

Per DOT regulations, the SAP must:

  1. Conduct a face-to-face initial employee evaluation and clinical assessment to determine the level of assistance needed to resolve any identified alcohol and/or drug associated problems.
  2. Recommend and refer the employee to an appropriate education and/or treatment program.
  3. Monitor the employee’s progress in the education and/or treatment process through contact with the recommended provider(s).
  4. Conduct a face-to-face follow-up evaluation to determine if the employee has fully and successfully complied with the initial evaluation and recommended course of education and/or treatment.
  5. Provide the Designated Employer Representative (DER) a follow-up evaluation with a drug and/or alcohol-testing plan for the employee for up to five years.
  6. Provide the employer and employee with recommendations for continuing education and/or treatment.

How Soon Before I Can Return to Work?

Initial evaluations are typically scheduled within 5 business days. The SAP’s education and/or treatment program will be dependent on your specific needs, which includes the presence of and, if identified, severity of your drug or alcohol problem, your willingness to explore substance use patterns and your motivation to return to work.

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