Insurance Credentialing with Cigna: Reimbursement Rates

How Much Does Cigna Pay?

Being credentialed with insurance companies is an important part of building a successful medical practice, as today’s patients are demanding that health providers be willing to accept their insurance.

Cigna Insurance company, unlike many of its competitors, is unique in that for Mental Health providers (and likely other providers) the reimbursement rates for services are flat across the entire USA. Basically, this means that a provider in Lincoln, IL will be reimbursed at the same rate as a provider in Boston, MA, despite the drastic differences in cost of living between those areas.

For your reference, here are Cigna’s reimbursement rates for PhD and MA level behavioral health providers –across the USA

Cigna Reimbursement Rates

  • Ph.D.
  • 90801 – $70

    90806 – $70

    90846 – $70

    90847 – $70

  • Masters
  • 90801 – $55

    90806 – $55

    90846 – $55

    90847 – $55

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  1. says

    I don’t get this. I get reimbursed half from Cigna than from my other insurance companies that I have contracts with. Has anyone successfully negotiated more reimbursement from them? This is ridiculous!

  2. Christina says

    Hi Anthony,
    I have read a couple of your articles and found them very helpful. I am living in East Hampton, NY and can not get in contact with anyone whom can help me with getting put on Suffolk County Panels as a Psychotherapist, LCSW for insurance reimbursement purposes. They say that Suffolk County is saturated, however, East Hampton is not. Most practioners have chosen to accept cash only from the upper classes due to this problem and because some of the population can afford the higher end of the scale, it is a win/ win for those. I have been working with the lower and middle classes through schools at one point, governemental agencies, but I keep getting laid off due to economy, however, I would like to take insurance from the middle and low class and can’t get put on the insurances as a provider, as I said before. I have been working through this new integrative practice with a local pediatrician’s office. The referrals are pouring in, but I must bill through a third party which I work for currently that has placed me in this situation through a grant, but unless it is sustainable on its own, the position will most likely end. I believe it is sustainable, but I need to figure out how to bill for this do you have any suggestions with your expertise? Christina

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