How much does Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay Counselors and Psychologists?

How Much Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay?

Life CoachingBlue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS),  is often thought to be one of the best-paying insurance companies. For example, throughout the state of Massachusetts, reimbursement rates are as follows. For your reference, the CPT codes for the most common behavioral health services are defined below.

  • BCBS: Psychologist Reimbursement Rates
  • 90801 – $153.60  (90801 = diagnostic Evaluation)

    90806 – $90.05 (90806 = 45-50 minute psychotherapy session)

    90847 – $105.69 (90847 = family therapy with patient present / couples counseling)

    90846 – $84.33 (90846 = family therapy without patient present)

  • BCBS: Masters (LICSW, LMFT, LMHC)
  • 90801 – $123.09

    90806 – $72.14

    90847 – $84.67

    90846 – $67.56

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  1. Gerald Henkel-Johnson says

    Wrong! Minnesota has many master’s level psychologists. Accusations of boundary creeping are false.

  2. Doc B says

    Actually, the term psychologist, clinical psychologist, counseling and psychotherapist are codified by the state in which one is practicing. As a Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has practice in more than one state, I know this from experience. For example in the State of California you can call yourself a psychologist without having a doctorate. The state allows this if you are employed at a non-for-profit educational institute. The institution, as is the case in the University of California system, can have a tier of titles. Counseling Psychologist I, Counseling Psychologist II and Counseling Psychologist III. All staff with this title can legally call themselves psychologist. Only Counseling Psychologist II & III are required to have a doctorate. In California you cannot call yourself a Clinical Psychologist unless you are Board Certified or currently recognized by license as a Clinical Psychologist in another State or Territory.

  3. CMS says

    Actually there are some states where people used to be licensed as psychologists with a master’s degree(prior to the existence of LPCs, in most cases, but as recently as the 1990s) Those people were “grandfathered” in before many states changed to licensing psychologists at only the PhD level and can still practice as licensed psychologists, even though they only have an MA or MS. The continuing ed requirements are still the same for them as for someone with a PhD-level license. And in some states, a master’s level guidance counselor is considered a school psychologist and licensed in a similar manner, and can provide testing the way a PhD might do it.

  4. LK says

    For the record, there is not such thing as a Masters level Psychologist!

    Psychologist = Ph.D/Psy.D and licensure in state.

    Stop the boundary creeping!

  5. suresh says


    The simplest way to find rates for no-contractual providers (IPAs and groups that formed and negotiated separately) is to call or check online BCBS provider home. They have a search page for entered code, they will provide the rate (current rate as of that date, typiucally changed yearly) or there is alwasy a bog PDF file you can download that has ALL rates. IT varies by state.

  6. Jane Howard says

    Hello! I am a master’s level licensed psychologist in Minnesota and am re-opening a private practice I had several years ago. I am having trouble finding out how much Blue Cross is reimbursing therapists for the 90806 code. I think Minnesota is one of the few (or the only) state to license psychologists at the master’s level. Five years ago, Blue Cross paid me over $90 for individual therapy sessions (90806). I am wondering how long ago you posted the rates on this website and if you have updated information you would share with me. Blue Cross will not tell me what they would pay because they say all rates are negotiable. Thank you for whatever help you could provide!

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