Why Every Relationship Needs Courtship


Courtship, to some, may be an unpleasant concept that is associated with words like “old-fashioned” and “antiquated.” When we hear the word, we may think of how it was used it in the past as a way for parents to oversee the process of uniting their children. In the past. Not that long ago, marriages […]

Dr. Harrison Davis Quoted on CNN, regarding “Sugar Daddies”

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Dr. Harrison Davis, of Thriveworks Counseling in Atlanta, GA was recently quoted on CNN addressing the topic of Sugar Daddy Relationships. “On one hand,” he said, “these relationships remind the men of a more carefree time in their own lives. On the other hand, there’s a great sense of control. “”They can take things away […]

Sexual Violence: Overview, Facts and Statistics

Sexual Violence: Overview, Facts and Statistics The following is an overview of information regarding various aspects of Sexual Violence. OCCURRENCE Variations in statistics result from differences in how data sources define sexual violence and gather information about it. Of all crimes, rape is one of the most underreported, making it difficult to count (Bachar and […]