5 Ways to Get Your Friends Off The Couch


Everyone deserves a little relaxation time built into their day. There is, however, a difference between relaxing and being flat out lazy. So what’s the solution to cure this chronic laziness that seems to have hit each of us at some point? Here are a few suggestions to get your friends (and you) off the couch:

Is Excitement The Best Way to Defeat Stress and Anxiety?


What makes a person excited? How is it that excitement is one of the most effective tools against stress, anxiety and public speaking? Here is our full guide to the science and psychology behind one of our mind’s most powerful resources — enthusiasm — and how you can actually utilize it.

The Mystery and Energy Behind Every Touch


Do you and your loved ones need to keep in touch? We don’t like to be touched. You’ve probably heard the term “personal space” and “bubble” being thrown around by friends and strangers. At the same time, we’re all obsessed with the energy of touch, even if we don’t realize it. Affection, for one thing, […]

What Makes a Person Creative?


Are you someone who struggles to create and be creative? For some, creativity and artistic expression seems like something that…well other people are good at. And yet most of us feel an urge to create and express ourselves. So why is this so difficult? Note that creativity is not something a child struggles with. At […]

The 22 Most Popular Resolutions and 22 Ways to Break Them


Every year, we torture ourselves by making New Year’s Resolutions that we don’t keep. So our staff at Thriveworks thought it would be more productive to list out the most popular resolutions we all take part in and how we most often (creatively) break them. 1. Read more books this year! Renew your Netflix subscription […]

Who Else Wants to Survive The Holidays? 2 Tips You Need to Know


Tis the Season… Turkeys and Holly, family and friends, Chaos and Loudness continues; no ends. Excitement and running and joy and play, Can make for an OVERWHELMING day! I realize I will not be getting a prize anytime soon for my poetry writing skills! It’s just a fun way to introduce the dichotomy of the […]

3 Habits That Are Making You Lonely


Do you have trouble making and keeping friends? Here are a few habits that might be making you lonely. Almost everyone gets lonely once in a while. Even the most social people you know get lonely, even if they don’t wear it on their sleeves. That being said, one of the main causes of loneliness […]

How to Drive Yourself Sane


 With some careful listening of your own irrationality, you may find that it’s actually possible to drive yourself crazy with sanity. As you think about things and speak to others, reflect on how you describe what is going on. Do you think and say, “He made me so mad!” or do you think and say, […]

4 Things You Need To Know About Aging in Place

old couple

What does “Aging in Place” mean for you and your loved ones? All of my grandparents are aging in place. In fact, most senior citizens older than the retirement age do this. It’s nothing new, and as our population grows, it will become even more common. So what is “aging in place,” and why is […]

Beware of the “Me-Monster!”


What’s a “Me-Monster,” and how can I be sure that I am not one? Good questions!  If you got the impression that being a Me-Monster is an unfavorable thing, you’re off to a good start. You may not recognize “Me-Monsters” at first glance, but you certainly know them when they speak. From the moment a […]

Surviving the Holidays After Divorce


When we think about the holidays, most of us are expecting a time of fun, family, and traditions we hold dear. Unfortunately, this can also be a time that is dreaded for the first time by people who have recently ended their marriage. For some, this will be the first holiday season without their spouse, […]

Finding Happiness: How to Become Happier in Life

long distance relationships

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of . . . ” For many of us, happiness is an ever-illusive dream. Especially in today’s world. Life these days is full of stress. Uncertainty. Deadlines. Worry. Budgeting. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of life, somehow thinking that happiness comes with having it all. […]

4 Reasons Why Smiling Should Be a Relentless Habit

smiling lady

Facts about smiling that will turn you into a grinning enthusiast.  You’ve probably heard the old cliche, “it takes more muscles to frown than smile!” And a lot of us have trouble accepting that point. Still, there are plenty of other reasons why this upbeat gesture is pretty much the best one out there. Below […]

Why You Should Create Something Today


Invention is the sincerest form of self-actualization. A quick way to gaining satisfaction in pretty much anything is to create something. A mentality that is growing more prevalent these days is to share something amazing and likeable…and then leave it at that. Sure, you may lend a cheeky opinion to the photo or article you […]

8 Ways to Make Your Relationship Thrive


My least favorite part of a relationship is the very beginning. Although the early stages are new and exciting, they’re also difficult to navigate due to the intangible barriers we either face or put up ourselves. I prefer that stage in the relationship when I am first becoming comfortable around a person, and we are […]

TV Shows that Make You Smarter

tv show

Did you know that particular TV shows actually foster and boost our intelligence? You wouldn’t guess that judging by some of the simple, easy-to-digest options we have on television that I won’t bother to get into (you know what they are). But for years, researchers have found strong links between certain TV shows and increased […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Memory


This week’s theme  is all about making our minds thrive, so we will first examine ways to improve your memory. No matter what age you are, memorization is an invaluable skill that needs constant care, though we don’t always think much of it. Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can start forming habits that will […]

Why Spending Money on Others Makes You Happier


You’re probably aware that altruism, such as spending money on others, tends to cause happiness. For some reason, however, we forget this when we get that paycheck on our desk and must decide what we will do with our resources. Still, if we can cement the notion that happiness is brought about through sacrificing our hard-earned […]

How Sadness Can Actually Make You Happy

guy walking across street

It seems counterintuitive, but sadness can lead to happiness. If you want to thrive this week, consider getting in touch with your emotional side. To be clear, sadness does not always lead to happiness. Sometimes, you are just sad. Still, scientists have confirmed that sad mediums, such as music and movies, can lead to happiness. One […]

Ways to Thrive: Treat A Random Day Like Valentine’s Day

valentine day heart

Do you want to thrive in your relationships with your spouse, significant other, friend or family member? Treat a random day like Valentine’s Day! Here’s what you can do: open up your calendar and randomly select a few days out of the year to become alternate days for Valentine’s. Pick the person you want to […]

Why You Should Make Weekend Plans (Today)

jumping girl

Want to thrive this week? Make plans for the weekend today! It’s scientifically proven that anticipation actually makes us happy. This study in particular took a sample of people who were planning a vacation and measured their happiness during the entire process of planning, executing and the aftermath of their vacation. They found that people were at […]

Being Happy: Everyone Wants It, How Do You Get It?

John Fulan

Living an ethical life provides a required foundation for practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness means that we are willing to experience with self-awareness our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in each moment. If we live our lives with a minimal use of ethics and moral principles, our lives tend to be filled with turmoil. Ethics Ethics are values […]