Understanding Independent Mental Health Evaluations

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As part of a wider series, we will be discussing different elements of counseling and coaching practices. Michael Pilcher, owner of Thriveworks Knoxville and Thriveworks Bristol Counseling and Coaching, talks about the kind of work he does as a professional counselor, and, specifically, independent mental health evaluations and navigation of the civil and family law […]

Crisis Is Not a Disaster; it’s an Opportunity for Change

crises are opportunities, counseling

By, Counselor Teresa J. Cooper, M.A., LPC-MHSP — Thriveworks Knoxville While you may be in the midst of a persona crisis, the sky isn’t really falling. A crisis can be big or small, but most often the “crises” we experience aren’t disasters, but opportunities for growth and for change. Change is possible, but it’s not […]

Stop Yelling at Your Spouse! Try this Couples Coaching Communication Technique Instead.

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It happens every night. It might be the man or it could be the woman, but one of you comes home and plops down on the sofa in front of the TV or hides away in the computer room. At the end of the day you or your partner or both are just whipped from […]

Mindfulness Counselor’s Thoughts on the Observing Mind, Thinking Mind


Writings on Mindfulness by K. Neal Hughes, M.A. LSPE NCC Between stimulus and response there’s a space, in that space lies our power to choose our response, in our response lies our growth and our freedom.” — Victor Frankl There once was a young man who lived with his wife and two young children out […]

When Your Past Calls, don’t Answer. It has Nothing New to Say.

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Writings on Mindfulness With K. Neal Hughes, M.A. LSPE NCC Our pasts haunt us, especially those of us who tend to experience depression. It is the nature of the brain to remember. It is also the nature of the brain to predict so there are those of us just as haunted in the present by […]

The Phenomenon Behind Childhood Obesity Isn’t What You Think


It’s hard to deny that we are in the middle of an epidemic. According to the CDC, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years, and in 2010, 1 in 3 children (including adolescents) were overweight or obese. Moves have been made to curtail this phenomenon, but what is it that politicians and parents are missing? The answer is a culprit.

The Mystery and Energy Behind Every Touch


Do you and your loved ones need to keep in touch? We don’t like to be touched. You’ve probably heard the term “personal space” and “bubble” being thrown around by friends and strangers. At the same time, we’re all obsessed with the energy of touch, even if we don’t realize it. Affection, for one thing, […]

Top 10 Movies to Watch on Christmas

christmas movies

Nothing complements the holidays quite as nicely as a good movie to sit down and watch with your family. With all of the hustle and stress that usually goes along with a busy December, most of us are ready to sit back and enjoy a great story. Hollywood discovered a long time ago that even […]

5 Ways to Survive Grief During the Holidays

grief christmas

The loss of a loved one can make even the most joyful celebrations difficult to bear, no matter how much we used to enjoy them. If you prevent grief from having a hold on your yearly traditions, then consider these tips for managing grief during the holidays. 1. Do less The last thing you want […]

7 Steps to a Budget Christmas (For Years to Come)

christmas on a budget

Times are tough, now more than ever. With the holidays coming into their stride, the stress of preparing the festivities may have you coming to a financial standstill. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some simple, applicable steps you can take to fostering a joyful Christmas on a reasonable budget. Step […]

The 22 Most Popular Resolutions and 22 Ways to Break Them


What are your resolutions? Every year, we torture ourselves by making New Year’s Resolutions that we don’t keep. So our staff at Thriveworks thought it would be more productive to list out the most popular resolutions we all take part in and how we most often (creatively) break them. 1. Read more books this year! […]

How to Monitor Your Child’s Internet Safety and Prevent Cyberbullying (With Pictures!)

Turn Off Safe Search

No parent wants to be the un-fun parent. But sometimes, being un-fun means that you are being protective. Unsupervised children online, like in life, have a greater likelihood to experiment with risky behaviors. The hard reality for parents is that supervising your kids’ online activities can be extremely difficult, not to mention tricky. It was […]

Who Else Wants to Survive The Holidays? 2 Tips You Need to Know


Tis the Season. Turkeys and Holly, family and friends, Chaos and Loudness continues; no ends. Excitement and running and joy and play, Can make for an OVERWHELMING day! I realize I will not be getting a prize anytime soon for my poetry writing skills! It’s just a fun way to introduce the dichotomy of the […]

4 Things You Need To Know About Aging in Place

old couple

What does “Aging in Place” mean for you and your loved ones? All of my grandparents are aging in place. In fact, most senior citizens older than the retirement age do this. It’s nothing new, and as our population grows, it will become even more common. So what is “aging in place,” and why is […]

5 Rules for Managing Video Games In Your Household

video games

Let’s face it- video games are here to stay. With the next generation of consoles about to come out, it’s a great time to review a few ways to make gaming a positive addition to your family, rather than a negative one.  1. No gaming before bed. This includes the adults, too. Research shows that […]

Surviving the Holidays After Divorce


When we think about the holidays, most of us are expecting a time of fun, family, and traditions we hold dear. Unfortunately, this can also be a time that is dreaded for the first time by people who have recently ended their marriage. For some, this will be the first holiday season without their spouse, […]

Your Kids are on Social Media, Whether You Like it or Not


When we think about kids and social media, our minds sometimes go to Facebook almost instantly. I’ve talked to a lot of parents in recent years who consider Facebook to be the face of social media, so their strategy for regulating it for their kids usually hinges on whether or not the child has a […]

3 Ways to Respond to Criticism


Tips for handling criticism in everyday situations. A major downside to putting yourself out there with an idea or opinion is that someone will always have something negative to say. In my own experiences, I’ve found that this can be a crushing, but manageable situation that requires the proper response. There are several ways you […]

How Sadness Can Actually Make You Happy

guy walking across street

Get In Touch With Your Emotional Side It seems counterintuitive, but sadness can lead to happiness. If you want to thrive this week, consider getting in touch with your emotional side. To be clear, sadness does not always lead to happiness. Sometimes, you are just sad. Still, scientists have confirmed that sad mediums, such as […]

Ways to Thrive: Treat A Random Day Like Valentine’s Day

valentine day heart

Valentine’s Day Every Day Do you want to thrive in your relationships with your spouse, significant other, friend or family member? Treat a random day like Valentine’s Day! Here’s what you can do: open up your calendar and randomly select a few days out of the year to become alternate days for Valentine’s. Pick the […]

5 Ways to Survive Going Back to School

back to school

Surviving Back To School For parents, sending the kids back to school can be quite a relief (or even a time of joy), but it’s definitely not that way for the kids. Here are some ways you can make the experience actually fun and enriching for them. 5. Get your shopping done early For some […]

“Science of Happiness” Experiment Reveals What Truly Makes Us Happy

Sharing Happiness SoulPancake is a media company that seeks to enrich people with positive ideas through big experiments, their latest being the “Science of Happiness” project. In the video above, the host of the experiment explains how happiness comes from gratitude, and to prove it, participants did something that is unthinkable these days: they thanked […]

5 Ways to Talk to an Angry Person

angry girl

5 Tips For Talking To Angry People Have you ever felt paralyzed when confronting someone who is very angry with you? Was this a situation where the person was extremely angry and you weren’t sure what the best way to handle them was? Though having to talk to an angry person isn’t ideal, there are […]

10 Questions To Ask Before You’re Engaged

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Ten Important Things To Consider Before Getting Engaged Are you in a serious relationship that might be leading to engagement? Perhaps a friend is contemplating marriage, and you want to provide practical, realistic advice. Whatever the case, there are at least 10 very important questions you need to ask your potential spouse (and yourself) before […]

4 Meat Brands You Won’t Hate to Love

raw steaks

A recent beef recall here in the United States has sparked discussion among “meatatarians” like myself concerning what we’re really putting into our bodies when it comes to beef, chicken, and pork. Luckily, we are privileged to live in a time when responsible brands that sell healthy meats are far more plentiful and accessible than […]

4 Apps That Can Make Your Life Better


Our smartphones have become essential little devices and are definitely getting more and more integrated into our daily lives. We use apps for everything: social media, games, news, and sharing pictures. One hidden benefit to them, however, is their ability to actually improve your life across multiple levels, so I did a bit of research […]

The Best Way to Handle Relationship Conflict

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Disagreements are inevitable. At some point within our relationships we will not see eye to eye and conflict can occur. This does not necessarily mean that something is wrong with your relationship or that you are doomed to a life of constant fighting. How you choose to handle these differences or disagreements can be a […]

Dysthymic Disorder with School Age and Adolescent Boys

“Sad, Mad, Irritable and Moody”; a summary of long-term low level depression, Dysthymic Disorder with school age and adolescent boys. Many parents are not familiar with “Dysthymic Disorder” but it is the most common form of depression and it is typically the longest lasting form; sometimes lasting for years. Often Dysthymic Disorder, or “Dysthymia” and […]

Thriveworks Richmond Featured on NBC 12 [Richmond]

One of Thriveworks’ newest locations, slated to open Aug 1, 2013, was featured on NBC 12. Thriveworks is opening its newest counseling location in Richmond, VA.Thriveworks counselors provide premium care with a focus on customer service. Our counselors are respected leaders in the field, and appointments for individual or couples counseling are available within 24 […]

A Counselor’s Lesson from Adolescence: Not Suppressing What You Need

Life Lessons from an Amusement Park As we approached the ride’s bright red, blue, and yellow sign – promising we would experience thrills and amazement – the wait time counter moved from 30 to 50 minutes. We took a few moments to decide if it would be worth our wait and quickly jumped into the […]