Making the Best of a Seasonal Business Slowdown


Season’s Beatings: 3 Tips for Overcoming Profit Slumps Some businesses are heavily seasonal. Some so seasonal that they’re only open during specific times of the year, like the costume store that opens only for the month before Halloween or the ice cream stand that opens in May and closes in September. Many businesses you might […]

7 Simple Ways to Make Sure You Have a Terrible Holiday Season

terrible holiday season

Your 2014 Holiday Guide For Making the Least Amount of Use of Your Time As renowned yogi and spiritual leader Sri Swami Satchidananda once said, “The best teachers are your own mistakes.” Regardless of your (a)religious leanings (or exercise regimen), I think we can all agree on the truth of these words. Sometimes, however, it’s […]

Shades of Blue: Here are 10 Types of Depression

types of depression, depression counseling, seasonal affective disorder

About Depression Simply defined, depression means feeling depressed. It’s a feeling, not a limiting character trait (although it can CERTAINLY feel like the latter). It can wear the face of Sylvia Plath or Kurt Cobain — the brilliant artist going out in a blaze of self-destruction. Depression can also be the 6th grade bully who’s […]

Near Conway, Ark.? Get a Free Personality Test with This Goal Setting Workshop

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Free Personality Assessment ($100 value) with Purchase of Goal Setting Workshop! A Holiday Special for that guy or gal who is so hard to buy for from Thriveworks Conway Counseling. Free Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) and 60-minute coaching that enables better communication with loved ones, co-workers and clients. Know yourself and learn to […]

Beauty Bias: Can Being Too Attractive Backfire in Work (and Life)?

too attractive at work

Being (vs. Looking) Professional As a human in my late twenties — alive and (mostly) well in 2014 — I have experienced both negative and positive reception for my workplace appearance. I’m a halfbreed Latino with long curly hair, visible tattoos on my hands and arms, and gauged earlobes. In work environments with a more […]

7 Strategies for Less Stress This Holiday Season

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Find Calm Amid Holiday Chaos The Holiday Season is a time for good cheer and merriment! Or is it? For many, the mention of Hanukkah, Christmas, or New Year’s brings as many winces as it does smiles. The fact is, the holiday season can be as much a burden as it is a celebration—and the […]

Peak Performance Therapy: A New Service at Thriveworks Atlanta


TRANSCRIPT: Hey there, I’m Dr. Barbara Rubin, a licensed psychologist here with Thriveworks, and I’m thrilled that you’re listening to our video today. I wanted to let you all know that in my practice here, I work with individuals and couples on a wide variety of issues: everything from depression and anxiety, to custody issues, […]

5 Steps for Effective Communication in Your Relationships


TRANSCRIPT: Hi. I’m Twilynn Jourdain, a licensed psychotherapist here at Thriveworks, and I’d like to speak with you about effective communication in relationships. We all know how important relationships are, and the key to having strong, positive relationships is our ability to communicate effectively our feelings, our thoughts and our needs. So I’d like to […]

How to Delegate a Task: 9 Important Steps

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Delegation is one of the most important skills for a business owner to master. Done well, delegation will help get you out of the day-to-day minutia and allow you to focus your attention on broader company issues. In addition, good delegation can increase the morale, confidence, and productivity of your team. Many people misunderstand delegation, […]

Could This Be The Solution to Homelessness?

solve homlessness, help homlessness

The Psychology Behind Homelessness and What’s Being Done To Fix It Homelessness is a global problem. In the United States, one of the richest countries in the world, is no stranger to the struggle of its citizens having no place to call home. Policy leaders, officials and activists have been searching for the solution to […]

How to Find a Job on a Budget

finding a job

Job-hunting can be expensive, but you can find a job without breaking the bank. Sometimes, it takes a while to figure out what you want to do. Other times, it takes a while to get a job…doing what you want to do. Whether you are looking for a new career or just want a change, […]

7 Steps to a Budget Christmas (For Years to Come)

christmas on a budget

Times are tough, now more than ever. With the holidays coming into their stride, the stress of preparing the festivities may have you coming to a financial standstill. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some simple, applicable steps you can take to fostering a joyful Christmas on a reasonable budget. Step […]

The 22 Most Popular Resolutions and 22 Ways to Break Them


What are your resolutions? Every year, we torture ourselves by making New Year’s Resolutions that we don’t keep. So our staff at Thriveworks thought it would be more productive to list out the most popular resolutions we all take part in and how we most often (creatively) break them. 1. Read more books this year! […]

Why “Asking” Is A Superpower


How putting yourself out there can get you almost anything you want. Asking is a superpower. Really, it is. What makes something “super” or “powerful” has a lot to do with how effective it is and how unique it is as an action. Well, asking is a skill that not enough people utilize, yet it’s […]

At Last! A Tip That May Actually Solve Procrastination Once And For All


What is the unbelievable solution to procrastination? If being a procrastinator means that you are lazy, then almost all of us are in trouble. Putting off important tasks seems to be something the majority of people struggle with, despite how illogical it really is. I’ve found myself completing a task at the absolute last minute, […]

4 Things You Need To Know About Aging in Place

old couple

What does “Aging in Place” mean for you and your loved ones? All of my grandparents are aging in place. In fact, most senior citizens older than the retirement age do this. It’s nothing new, and as our population grows, it will become even more common. So what is “aging in place,” and why is […]

7 Tips For Staying Positive During Unemployment


Steps to tackling the mental health challenges of unemployment. You’re in between jobs, and with that fact comes an air of uncertainty that is likely weighing down on you. Many times, people who are struggling with unemployment fight hard to stay positive in order to encourage the people around them, such as their spouses, friends […]

Why You Should Create Something Today


Invention is the sincerest form of self-actualization. A quick way to gaining satisfaction in pretty much anything is to create something. A mentality that is growing more prevalent these days is to share something amazing and likeable…and then leave it at that. Sure, you may lend a cheeky opinion to the photo or article you […]

3 Ways to Respond to Criticism


Tips for handling criticism in everyday situations. A major downside to putting yourself out there with an idea or opinion is that someone will always have something negative to say. In my own experiences, I’ve found that this can be a crushing, but manageable situation that requires the proper response. There are several ways you […]

4 Skills You Should Always Be Improving


The essential skills everyone needs to have and be improving on. No matter what profession you find yourself in, or if you are a student, learning should never end. Ironically, we tend to do the bare minimum of improving our skills, even though we have an endless supply of online resources at our disposal. Well […]

5 Studying Habits Successful People Have


Not all studying habits are created equal.  Whether you’re an undergrad, working for your master’s or receiving new training for your career, studying is essential for success in any industry. If you’re like me, however, you may not have or know about the best studying habits, and that can be a serious hurdle to achieving […]

Why Spending Money on Others Makes You Happier


Spend Money On People That Matter You’re probably aware that altruism, such as spending money on others, tends to cause happiness. For some reason, however, we forget this when we get that paycheck on our desk and must decide what we will do with our resources. Still, if we can cement the notion that happiness is […]

Is it Wrong to be Motivated by Fear?


Fear Can Be A Great Motivator Fear and motivation are often approached as two separate things. This makes sense because we often view what’s in front of us as something we are motivated by positively, or something that is negative, such as fear. Positive=good and negative=bad right? Well, not so fast. Fear is a type […]

4 Apps That Can Make Your Life Better


Our smartphones have become essential little devices and are definitely getting more and more integrated into our daily lives. We use apps for everything: social media, games, news, and sharing pictures. One hidden benefit to them, however, is their ability to actually improve your life across multiple levels, so I did a bit of research […]

Why Millennials Need Counseling More Than Ever


What is a millennial? This generation consists of individuals between the ages of 18 and 33. These days, millennials are typically seen as upbeat individuals who are confident and technologically savvy. Unfortunately, that perception doesn’t hold up to the reality of what this generation is really experiencing. Going through the data, few contest that millennials […]

Thriveworks Richmond Featured on NBC 12 [Richmond]

One of Thriveworks’ newest locations, slated to open Aug 1, 2013, was featured on NBC 12. Thriveworks is opening its newest counseling location in Richmond, VA.Thriveworks counselors provide premium care with a focus on customer service. Our counselors are respected leaders in the field, and appointments for individual or couples counseling are available within 24 […]