Creating Culture in Your Group Counseling Practice

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The Impact of a Positive Office Culture Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, is author of the bestselling book “Delivering Happiness.” The book is a quasi-autobiographical account of Tony’s entrepreneurial successes, including an Internet-based company “Link Exchange” that he sold to Microsoft for $265 million. Tony recounts that he decided to sell Link Exchange when […]

5 Emotional Regulation Tips for Women in Addiction Recovery

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Don’t Cope with Your Troublesome Feelings — Regulate Them Emotional regulation — learning to control and tolerate emotional distress — is a fundamental part of addiction recovery. A lack of emotional regulation skills is often what contributes to the development of addiction, since addicts turn to substance abuse as a means to cope with difficult […]

Online Counseling Advantages and Disadvantages

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You might be asking “What are the advantages of online counseling?” — and that’s a valid question. To answer, I’m going to begin with a question of my own. Did you know that only a limited number of people who are referred by a physician to seek mental health services ever receive those services? Why […]

The Most Important Part of Counseling — Taking the First Step

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An Introduction and Encouragement to Seeking Counseling In this short video, Dr. Timothy Giannoni, a counselor at Thriveworks Marietta Counseling, gives a brief word of insight about what you must do when seeking counseling services. TRANSCRIPTION: Hello, my name is Tim Giannoni, a counselor here at Thriveworks. I want to thank you for taking the […]

Helping Adolescents Understand Healthy Relationships and Intimacy


Let’s Talk About Love With the emergence of adolescence comes the emergence of intimate relationships. Intimacy can be a scary word for parents because our mind goes right to physical intimacy, and who wants to think of their child in a relationship like that? Intimacy, however, is also a feeling of emotional connectedness, acceptance, belonging, […]

Finding the Gifts in Our Difficulties: Meditation and Awareness

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Identifying “What Is” Awareness is an essential tool we bring to the task, and is itself something we must cultivate. It does not spring fully-formed from our minds, like Athena from Zeus’s head. It’s as much a fruit of the garden as it is the sieve we use to sort and the spade to dig. […]

Mindfulness for Managing Stress (free workshop in Michigan)

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A free mindfulness workshop is being offered Wednesday, May 6, 2015, by licensed professional counselor Dawn Gaden, of Thriveworks Birmingham Counseling. Join Dawn for an informative and practical lesson in understanding how stress affects your body and mind. You will take home tools and knowledge that will help you to begin incorporating mindfulness in everything […]

Raising Confident Daughters in a Princess Culture

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The Princess Culture Effect As the parent of two girls, I have had my share of princess things in my house. The movies, the dress- up clothes, the dolls, the books, the shoes, pink, pink and more pink, plus countless things with glitter! I was faced with the challenge of raising well-rounded, confident, kind and […]

7 Tips for Reducing Stress While Driving in Traffic

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“How can you stand all this traffic!” My close friend, Lisa, visits Austin frequently for her job. And with every visit she notices the increasingly more difficult traffic patterns. We have all heard about the 110+ net arrivals moving to Austin every day, per the Austin Business Journal. Our roads are congested, and clearly the […]

Yoga Heals the Body and the Mind

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Our lives were meant to be joyful and full of love. Counseling, coaching, energy work and yoga, are all tools that will keep our feet grounded, our minds clear and our hearts grateful.” When asked about our health, we tend to think of our physical bodies. As humans, we seem to identify more easily with […]

How to Have More Fun: Counseling and Life Coaching Tips

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Have a Picnic, not a Panic Develop your own style, embrace your quirks and laugh at the people around you who stress out trying to be perfect. They (not you) are missing out on the fun of life.” Have more fun. It sounds so reckless. So childish. So irresponsible. But what if having fun is […]

How to Forgive Yourself: Letting Go of Past Regrets

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How to Forgive Yourself? Let it go. Forget about it. Move on. Forgive yourself. It’s easy to say, but so much harder to actually do! We all mess up sometimes, whether it’s lashing out at a friend, engaging in a self-destructive behavior or cutting corners at work. And with those mistakes often come overwhelming feelings […]

4 Benefits to Online Counseling from the Client’s Point of View

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You’re reading this because you’ve heard of online counseling. Maybe you have an idea of why it would be advantageous, or maybe you think the entire idea is crazy. To give you a better understanding of what online counseling looks like, here are a few benefits, provided from the client’s perspective. 1. Convenience You’re a […]

Is the Self “Fixed” (or Can I Change)?

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Born to Grow Happiness and well-being, then, are realized to be skills to acquire and a path to take, rather than an inviolable nature. Misery is not our destiny.” If I’ve heard it once over my 25 years of professional practice (give or take), I’ve heard it a thousand times: “I can’t change; that’s just […]

9 Key Factors for Thriving through Cancer

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“You Have Cancer … .” Life is a wild journey — embrace it with a smile!” The words “you have cancer,” send shivers down the spine. And each time you brave yourself enough to share your story, you see the looks of terror in people’s eyes that mirrored yours on that life-changing day. Maybe you […]

How Do I Embrace the Now?

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It Starts with a Thought … In order to change where we want to be we must first embrace where we are right now.” We have thousands of thoughts that run through our heads every minute of every day. There are thoughts we do not even realize we are choosing. The truth is, we choose […]

Making the Best of a Seasonal Business Slowdown


Season’s Beatings: 3 Tips for Overcoming Profit Slumps Some businesses are heavily seasonal. Some so seasonal that they’re only open during specific times of the year, like the costume store that opens only for the month before Halloween or the ice cream stand that opens in May and closes in September. Many businesses you might […]

Coping with Discrimination: Tools for the Targeted and their Allies

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Overcoming the Effects of Bias Discrimination, as a byproduct of both implicit and overt bias, produces a myriad of unfavorable and difficult results. Race-related stress can cause intense emotional reactions such as: anxiety, frustration, paranoia, resentment, self-doubt, depression and anger. When searching for ways to cope, people often find themselves utilizing coping mechanisms that are […]

5 Tips for Teaching Children Tolerance

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Tolerance is a Learned Practice 1. Model inclusive behavior. Until age 7, what kids hear and see from their caretakers is more important to children than what they personally experience. Be careful with your words, even with seemingly innocent jokes or stereotypical references. Let your children see you interact positively with people from a variety […]

Counselors: Take the Thriveworks HQ Tour!

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A Look Around Thriveworks HQ Thriveworks Director of Clinic Operations Michael Reffner came in before we opened for the day to shoot this video for our clinicians, which provides an updated perspective on what the Thriveworks corporate office looks and operates like since we moved locations in November 2014. We were in a fine space […]

Empathy Can Help Close the Racial Divide (4 Methods)

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4 Steps to Developing and Enhancing Empathy A 2001 study (Rudman, Ashmore and Gary) showed that students who participated in a class on prejudice and conflict resolution experienced a significantly greater reduction in their levels of bias (both conscious and unconscious), compared to a control group who attended a course on research methods. This study […]

Raising a Respectful Child — Whose Responsibility is It? (3 Tips)

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The Three Most Important Things You Need To Know 1. Start Young — Don’t Underestimate Your Child Raising a child in an environment that consistently models respectful communication is essential. From the moment you bring your precious cherub home from the hospital, it is important to continue to practice and/or to introduce respectful standards of […]

Living with ADHD: Man Gives First-Hand Account

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Living with ADHD: Early Diagnosis I vividly remember, when I was ten years old, sitting in a fifth-grade classroom waiting on a message over the intercom. Every day right before lunch, I would be summoned to the main office. Once I walked in the office, our school secretary would reach into a file cabinet and […]

Understanding the Reality of Unconscious Prejudice

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What Exactly is Unconscious Prejudice? Unconscious prejudice, also known as implicit bias, is an automatic, natural bias that is hidden from our cognizant thoughts. Because it resides outside of our awareness, this type of bias remains easy to deny. In primitive days, our ancestors relied on implicit bias for survival. Early humans used categorical thinking […]

Three Relationship Trends Every Couple Should Know


Trending: Learn to Anticipate Love’s Ups and Downs When it comes to relationships, clinical counselors are exposed to an amazing variety of situations. We see new relationships steeped in love and passion. We see mature relationships rooted in trust over time. We see struggling couples and desperate couples. We see the typical as well as […]

Understanding and Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

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Scope of the Problem Nearly 1 in 5 Americans have had a diagnosable mental health condition in the last yeari. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, five of the 10 leading causes of disability are mental health issuesii. Mental health problems in the workplace effect: Absenteeism Morale/staff attitude Overall employee performance Therefore, caring […]

Knoxville Counselor: Life is Full of Tragedy, also Beauty

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The State of Things The day broke like many others. The sky was azure blue with wispy cirrus clouds high above full of shimmering ice crystals. We had driven into Cadiz, Kentucky, in the middle of the night after having been awakened by the news that Jenny’s mother was being taken to the hospital. My […]