Virginia Tech Hokies

Being a part of the Virginia Tech community is awesome! Let’s go Hokies!! But it’s not always without its complications, is it? Whether you’re a student, staff, faculty, or fan, sometimes you just need a little help, support, encouragement or direction.


Maybe you feel like you’re struggling to handle the many demands of college life:

  • academic workloads
  • relationships with professors and other students
  • even time management
  • difficulty making decisions
  • dealing with parents
  • balancing academic and social responsibilities

Here at Thriveworks Counseling Blacksburg VA, our caring clinicians can offer realistic solutions for many of the struggles of college life. We want to help you feel hopeful, and gain confidence and the ability to set and achieve realistic aspirations. Talk to us about what you want from your college experience. We offer support and direction as you navigate through this time, and maybe even help you overcome the obstacles that stand in your way of achieving those goals.


We know that your job isn’t just “a job” and it is not just teaching. It involves endless meetings, the pressure to produce (professional presentations, publications, “publish or perish”), student, colleague, and administrative issues, doing research, the push for tenure, trying to stay current in one’s field, professional identity, etc.

Here at Thriveworks Counseling Blackburg VA, many of our clinicians not only have advanced degrees themselves, but extensive experience in higher educational settings. This places them in the unique position to not only care and listen empathetically, they also have an insider’s perspective, because they have been (or are) there themselves.


Life in a college town comes with its own set of pros and cons. At Thriveworks Counseling Blacksburg VA, we can totally relate! We benefit from the diversity of culture, more restaurants, the enthusiasm and energy. Not to mention summer camps for children at the university, the abundance and availability of tutors, music teachers and babysitters. We get to meet and interact with people from all walks of life and from all over the world. And…..THE SPORTS! All the excitement and thrill of living right in the same town as your favorite college team – it’s truly a great environment that’s unique to college towns.

But, we all know, there are a few downsides. Traffic and parking, especially during events, is more challenging. Shops, restaurants, etc. are more crowded. Summers can seem slow and dull. When Tech doesn’t win the game, many of us really and truly experience a form of depression. Or maybe you feel you’ve already got enough to deal with in your life, then that traffic, parking, and crowded coffee shop just send you into a tailspin that you’re having a hard time pulling out of.

These things are not uncommon. You feel like your environment is out of your control, and you’re losing patience with even the smallest things. We’d love to share with you how it’s possible to feel in control of your life, even in the midst of what may seem like chaos sometimes.


If you’re a die-hard fan of your favorite team, whether Hokies or another, you know that being a loyal fan can be a rollercoaster ride. It is intense, and it can take its toll. We take sports fan depression seriously around here. We know how to help you through the ups and downs of being a Hokies fan. We can help you balance this part of your life with all the other aspects of your life. For starters, check out this article on sports fan depression written by Thriveworks founder, Anthony Centore.

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Our highly trained and caring clinicians understand the unique situation we’re all in here in Virginia Tech Hokies territory. We’re experts in counseling; we understand and we embrace the academic community. We accept almost all forms of insurance, we have office hours to fit your schedule, and we can often get you an appointment within a day, if not the same day! Call today at (540) 376-3348 to start a dialogue and let us help you learn how to *thrive*.

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