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Many marriages go through seasons where the couple feels like they are not connecting, stuck in a routine, or like they are just roommates. Many don’t know where to start to improve their marriage. Some couples have experienced infidelity, addiction, health problems, or loss of employment and struggle to move past these issues. Others see marriages crumbling around them and want to be intentional about working on issues when they are still small.

If this sounds familiar, let the skilled marriage counselors at Thriveworks Alpharetta help you
and your spouse make positive changes towards creating the marriage you have always wanted. It is never too late or too early to invest in your marriage.

Starting marriage counseling is a big but important step for any couple. It shows that you care
about your relationship and want to work hard to improve it. It can also mean that you are being
proactive about your marriage and working together to make sure it is thriving.

How marriage counseling at Thriveworks Alpharetta can help:

  • ­Caring counselors help couples navigate through concerns in a safe setting to identify goals for the marriage and a plan to reach these goals.
  • ­Improve communication and practice more effective ways to solve conflicts, handle parenting issues, express individual needs and wants in the marriage, and prevent miscommunications.
  • ­Help couples create a plan for handling any underlying issues that may be present such as addictions, health problems, infertility, financial trouble, problems with extended family, etc.
  • ­Help couples create a plan for managing their time in ways that give back to the marriage.
  • ­Help couples navigate intimacy issues.
  • ­Provide an objective third party perspective to help identify unhealthy patterns in your marriage and teach skills to help you start creating healthy ones.

Call Thriveworks Alpharetta today at 770­284­9252 to learn more about how our knowledgeable
counselors can help your marriage thrive.

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